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Supply or demand knowledge, skill or time for a Syscoin project. Rules: When a bounty is resolved please tag it with ‘‘resolved’’ and remove ‘‘supply’’ or ‘‘demand’’. Minimum level to be able to create a bounty is lev…

Video tutorial on ZMQ for Syscoin (600/400 SYS) [Bounty Board] (1)
Professional PowerPoint presentation, SYS 4 (500 SYS) [Bounty Board] (1)
Getting started Syscoin developer (video) walkthrough/tutorial (400 SYS) [Bounty Board] (1)
Syscoin Media Kit [Downloadable Content] (1)
Syscoin Community Logo [Downloadable Content] (1)
Syscoin Logo graphics (background) [Downloadable Content] (1)
Educational Coding Material for the Academy [Bounty Board] (6)
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