Allocation goal 1 for tipped funds



So the way I want to go with the (tipped) Syscoin Academy funds is by creating a monthly poll for the community to vote on in which goal the community would like to see accomplished. I will supply the goals (ideas are always welcome), the community chooses for a week and I will dedicate my time and energy into making sure the tipped funds will create value for the community in their choosen goal. When the goal has been reached a new poll will be opened with the same styling for the next round.

For the first round I came up with the following goals. please cast your vote :pray:.

  • Use current tip fund holdings to tip and actively activate Syscoin community members to engage and help to create valuable content for the Academy (1000SYS)
  • Hire a designer to create a Syscoin visual for when the new logo comes out (background image) to add it to a downloadable content section.
  • Try to find a person who’s willing to create a quality beginners tutorial on developing with Syscoin (Video/or walkthrough style)

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Have fun voting!
Donation fund alias for Syscoin Academy: syscoinacademy