Arduino and Z-DAG (Alternating)



Discuss anything related to Alternating’s project to create a working Z-DAG integration in Arduino.


I’m currently working on a crypto candy machine for proof of concept. <-- this site uses a webserver to monitor transactions. However it has a fatal flaw. You can send a huge payment to drain the system of candy and then cancel your transaction. (zdag could fix this but the dev is a bcash guy that doesn’t want to implement or even work with me on it)

They use MQTT bitcoin server (bcash server)
videos of this product setup -

I think we could prop up something just like this for syscoin but using bstr’s 0MQ server instead of mqtt - unless someone has some knowledge on setting up mqtt.

The first goal is to setup the machine to monitor a syscoin address for x amount of payment in syscoin to turn on an LED. I have been struggling with bitcoin testnet to do just this. (if I get it to work for btc i can make it work for syscoin) <-- example projects <-- this is one arduino project i have been trying to copy but i have not had any luck.
I’m currently trying to make this work with an existing code base that is open then expanding it to syscoin. After making it work for zdag I will then open source the project for anyone to use.


The other option is to ditch arduino and go with raspberry pi


I would absolutely love to work on this project w/ you. Thing is, I have not worked w/ Arduino nor RaspPi nor do I own either of them, but I know they both can work with Node.js. I assume there are simulators out there. Need to check.


Tell you what. Once you figure out which platform you wanna go with, I’ll procure it too. :slight_smile: They are pretty damn cheap after all.


Once you and @bstr156 got the server up with Z-DAG, I’m more than happy to assist on part 2 and get Z-DAG embedded in a webcam controlled robot, so people can bid for control of the robot (in order to find a prize maybe).


@bstr156 - I’m happy to send one to you with sd card shield