Developer Call (10 November, 8:00 PM GMT)



Any details related to the first developer call goes here.


Alright!! Any suggestions on a good time? I know we have The US, Netherlands, UK, and China to attend so a mutually inconvenient hour would be awesome :wink:


Okay so we need:

  • Time
  • Host (+ topics)
  • Participants


I will attend (obviously)

  1. What are you working on?
  2. What would you like to work on?


I will join too

My timezone is GMT+2


Please choose:

  1. Weekend or
  2. Weekday

I’m thinking 8:00pm GMT on a Weekend.

  • Weekday
  • Weekend

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@keyare, there is a poll function


I am not in the city this Saturday (Tomorrow), and am using my cell phone as a hotspot. Let’s postpone the first dev meetup till Next Saturday at 8:00 pm GMT

Anyone who wants to do a demo, or show/discuss their projects, please put your name here, and the title of your project (unless you wanna keep it secret and WOW us on the call) so we can allocate about fifteen minutes and estimate the length of the call.



I would be happy to participate in this call. My project is called “Delegated Permissions Management” and uses the syscoin api to allow identies to delegate and undelegate permissions (in the form of json web tokens) to other identities. Has direct applications for access to medical, legal, and financial systems portals.


I will be here as well even without a sys project to present. I have others if u want me to join let me know, but I don’t want to be off topic.
See u


I’ll try to be available to listen in but not 100% guaranteed to be here. Looking forward to it though. :smile:


Honestly I think as starter it would be cool to have everyone involved, don’t have to be project specific. Would be cool to have everyone introduced to anyone to start off with, I think we accomplished the goal for the first call already then and have this wy broken the ice for future calls and brainstorm sessions (when someone needs it for example).


I definitely am going to try to make it.


I’d be keen on getting in on this too, albight just not the first few times, namely because I want to get an idea of how to maximise the presentation potentia etc lol


Looks like Google Hangouts no longer offers recording of meetings unless you have a G Suite Enterprise account. How is everyone with ZOOM?

8:00pm Saturday GMT
DM me your email and I can send an invitation


Thanks guys!!

That time didn’t work out for everyone, so we will try to schedule it a bit better for folks. Maybe a weekday, earlier.