Encrypted Messaging Service



With Syscoin messaging you can send and receive messages to other users on the network, using either the recipients’ address or their alias. You can manage your Inbox and Sent messages in the My Messages tab. Messaging is not only useful for users who want to keep in touch, it provides a useful service to Marketplace buyers and sellers who need to communicate with each other before a transaction is completed. Details of shipping cost and method, product dimensions, color, state of the product etc can be provided easily this way.

The encrypted messaging service is not only handy for those on the marketplace, but also on individuals who need to operate in a more confidential environment.

More information: https://medium.com/@BlockchainFoundry/syscoin-encrypted-messaging-service-2e1f90679c66
Documentation: https://syscoin.readme.io/v3.1.4/reference#signmessage