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According to this article Blockchain Foundry INC entered into a development agreement with English Forward Ltd. (“EF”), a company that connects global audiences to the tools and resources needed to learn and perfect their understanding of the English language.

The agreement consists in BCFN providing English Forward with the architecture and necessary artifacts to begin the development of its unique peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace, in order to connect those looking to learn or improve their English for academic, professional or personal purposes with English language tutors, teachers, translators and other professionals.

It seems like English Forward is a platform that already has over 250 million users world wide.
Regarding the above stated there are some questions that might rise.

  1. Since in the official release words like artifacts and architecture were mentioned, can we conclude that English Forward will issue tokens on the Syscoin blockchain ? Is there any other blockchain taken into consideration by EF in order to possibly issue the tokens ?

  2. If tokens will be issued, what will be the means of distributing them ? Will EF impose their users to change the way they pay for the services from fiat to the issued tokens ? Will this two payment possibilities be alternatively available ?

  3. Is there any intention to airdrop any possible issued tokens to the Syscoin holders ?

  4. Not disclosing any official information and breaking any PR rules, can you maybe provide a timeline when we can expect any news about this partnership ?

Thank you !


Also, regarding to this matter, the article mentioned the word marketplace. Could you please explain a bit how that could materialise ? Is it going to be a marketplace created by BCFN only for EF ?