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Ideas for future Syscoin apps, extensions, plugins and general ideas about anything Syscoin related go here to enable the community to evolve and discuss these ideas.

Ideas (projects) to start with

  • Mobile wallet with QR scanner to allow for safe storage, paying and login through mobile interface
  • Unified chat box based on Syscoin Aliases
  • API payment gateway
  • Getting started tutorial video’s
  • Translation of Syscoin Qt

Got an idea yourself, throw it in here for the rest of the community to brain storm and discuss.


Ok, so I will try to shape up my idea here.
There are different types of real case uses for what I am thinking.
I was thinking of a blockchain based database for legal paper work.
For example, contracts that need notarization could come on blockchain. Registries regarding associations could migrate from a centralised DB to a decentralised blockchain one. Judicial seals also. Apostilled documents signed by a person that did a KYC in one country via a blockchain ID validator, could be recognised in another country, that accepts the same tech, within minutes, not needing days to send papers abroad.
So a portal could be created, that one day might get some legitimacy from a wide recognised authority, like EU regulators.
And there are so very many real use cases.
In order to do that, there are 3 things to be created.

  1. some syscoin based KYC identity validator
  2. a portal with capabilities to store and secure documents being signed through the application
  3. an legal entity able to bridge tech to the forums able to impose this kind of tech - maybe NGOs

So, is anyone in for this kind of stuff . ?


Twitter bot that spits out new Marketplace and Asset lisitings by scanning the latest block.



Here is the base code for erc20 tokens and. Was hoping we could adapt this code to use syscoin and assets.

Looking for a programmer to pick up this project so here is the base code we just need to adapt it!!


This tipbot is the bomb, thanks for submitting it to the Academy @Al73r. The implementation you made, truly sparked some serious tipping behaviour in Discord!