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According to this article Blockchain Foundry Inc. has entered into a pre-solution design and consulting agreement with LAVA Blockchain Technologies Inc.

LAVA Coin is focused on building a blockchain-enabled global Membership community empowered with the use of crypto-based community cards for Point of Sale and tools to enable swift seamless transactions in all marketplaces. LAVA Coin’s aim is to disrupt the payments industry by providing safe, secure and fast global transfers of cryptocurrency and fiat funds, true stable value with an asset-backed token and ultimate usability online and at point of sale.

We don’t have anything else on this partnership other that Lava is aiming to create a crypto based card ecosystem. It seems that LAVA has a very big fund behind it and its goal is to be the largest crypto card that will include sys and some sys assets including lava.

More info on their site

We will update this section when we will get more info about the partnership.


Lavacoin opens Telegram channel, stay updated: