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According to this article Blockchain Foundry Inc. has entered into a solution design and consulting agreement with the LODE Community .

Lode Community is powered by an Alliance of 33 service providers in 4 jurisdictions with 6 secure vault locations worldwide. LODE comprises of like-minded individuals and organizations that advocate for the restoration of sound-money to monetary systems and to restore silver, from their private holdings, as a monetary unit to settle trade and conduct commerce. This has the potential to install stability to the money supply for millions of merchant users and unbanked individuals globally.

As a means of realizing the vision, an Alliance of professional service providers will work collectively to enable the LODE Community to deliver on their mandate of “Restoring Silver to the Monetary System”. The Alliance is assisting with the construction and enabling of two blockchain Tokens - LODE Tokens and AGX Coins. These Cryptographic Digital representations of reserved and vaulted silver bullion will serve as exchangeable, transactable, immutable complex leasing arrangement and/or digital receipt for the contributors pure silver bullion.

Each gram of silver that enters the system will be vaulted and secured for use by the AGX Coin holder. When this silver mass is tokenized new AGX Coins will be created. Once created and issued into circulation, AGX Coins will be authentic digital representations of silver and will go to work on the Internet for long-term use as Cryptographic Silver Money. AGX will be Cryptographic Silver Money designed, assembled and constructed globally “by the People for the People”.

You can find out more in their Whitepaper.
Also you are free to join their telegram community for more questions.

As you might already know Blockchain Foundry is a Canadian stock market listed Company that gathered the initial core developers of Syscoin platform, a professional blockchain protocol ageing since 2013. BCFN will provide the knowledge and means to insert AGX and LODE tokens into the Syscoin protocol.

Due to these news release it seems that tokens will be released until 12th of December and also on 7th of January 2019 we might see the tokens listed on some exchanges, being able to trade them starting 23rd of January 2019. Feel free to acquire your Lode/AGX tokens today and also have a shout to the great Syscoin Community !


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