Pangolin by Blockchain Foundry



Footage in the following call:


Sorry I couldn’t be there for the call. I realise it’s still just a prototype but had a couple of thoughts about Pangolin. The first is about it connecting to BCF hosted nodes. I was wondering, and pretty sure I’ve seen this mentioned by someone before (maybe einalex), would it not be possible to have Pangolin connect to masternodes and that would mean less dependency on BCF?
Maybe each node would only allow certain operations and Pangolin could search through the masternode list along with each node’s provided operations in order to decide which to connect to. If there are none available with all the required operations then the BCF nodes could be the fallback. Each dapp would need to provide a list of operations they require. This would obviously be slower than automatically connecting to the BCF nodes though, and if the user is running multiple dapps it’d probably be faster to just connect to BCF nodes.

Second thought is kind of about BlockuSign as well I guess. When the Pangolin window, in the call, appeared to sign a document there was only the option to sign as the currently selected alias. Was thinking it might be more user friendly if the currently selected alias was shown in that window and there was a ‘Sign as other alias’ option (maybe a simple dropdown) as well that would allow the user to sign the document with another of their aliases without having to open Pangolin and change to that alias first.

Hope that’s helpful in some way!