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According to on 23rd of July 2018 Syscoin and Peer Mountain entered a partnership agreement to “Deliver Regulatory Compliant E-Commerce On-Chain”.

Everybody knows that Syscoin project started as a trading on blockchain maketplace, having released since 2017 a blockmarket desktop application where people could trade goods e-bay and Amazon like. Syscoin has reached it’s 3.1 BMD version, at the moment waiting for 3.2 version to release.

On the other hand Peer Mountain is a project orientated towards IDs on blockchain and they seem to be orientated on European customers, Swiss and German - facts given by their road map.

According to the announced partnership “The companies will work together to develop interface micro services to facilitate interoperability between the Peerchain Protocol and the Syscoin Protocol. In doing so, this partnership will be a way for users to purchase identity verified goods, such as alcohol and tobacco, whilst using both Peer Mountain and Syscoin services.”

Questions are:

  1. How will this interoperability between Peerchain Protocol and Syscoin Protocol work since PM are ERC20 tokens and Syscoin has a different proprietary blockchain ?
  2. Identity verified goods will resume to alcohol and tobacco, or is there a plan to include other different goods ?
  3. Will the goods be verifiable through a joined application by the two projects or one will develop on top of the other ?
  4. Does PM intend to migrate to another chain since there are well known at the moment problems about the Ethereum platform due to lack of speed and scalability ?

Thank you !

Syscoin Academy

Thanks for asking.

  1. PMTN are ERC20 tokens. Peer Mountain is based on Peerchain, a layer 2 cross chain protocol. The two are quite separate. At present design, the Ethereum public network will only serve as a payment rail for PMTN, which may eventually be migrated to a native coin in a future version.
  2. We can’t say at this point. Peer Mountain doesn’t dictate any rules of commerce, it’s up to service providers (vendors) to determine which goods they can sell under which conditions. Peer Mountain enables the collection of additional information in the sale in order to meet regulatory or legal requirements for the sale.
  3. Peer Mountain is a chain agnostic solution, so the aim is that Peer Mountain instances can run using Syscoin as the underlying chain in the future.
  4. Although we have built the first versions on Ethereum, Peer Mountain is not chain specific. As a chain agnostic protocol, we intend for Peerchain to support several chains, based on market demand and practical use. If Peerchain were SMTP (the most common email transport protocol), the different chains would be equivalent to Unix and Windows systems running the SMTP services.