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We welcome you to the Syscoin Academy. The community is eager to get to know you. Please introduce yourself and spark some engagement.

Some questions to get you started:

  • What brought you here?
  • Which skills in particular are you proud of?
  • Any past accomplishments we should know of?
  • What do you hope to contribute to Syscoin?

Don’t forget set your Syscoin alias as your second full name to allow for easy tiping and bounty payouts.

Hope to see you around,


Hi, I’m mca and I’m a sysaholic :kissing:


Hi, I’m Curious Cosmos and i’m Curious :thinking:


“Wassa wassa wassa, hey hey hey” - Carlos, Beetkonnect

I’m Rick, I was sent back from the future to make sure Syscoin succeeds in it’s mission. In the year 2027, the conversion of Jeff Bezos into a fully fledged, undefeatable uber-buff (albight surprisingly funny) cyborg will be complete and then it’s too late. The future is full of fees and riff raff. It is our duty to ensure that doesn’t happen for the good of mankind.

I aim to learn and to teach a variety of skills, ideas, notions, all with positive mindset, encouragement, validation and forward drive. I know people can do things far in excess of what they think they can do. I hope to help them tap into the greatest asset they’ll ever possess - themselves.

Syscoins potential is enormous, exciting, ambitious and working together (and individually) we have a blank canvas on which to nurture those powers. I’m excited for myself, for the community and for the future, based on what we can do, where we can go and ultimately, to find a way to defeat the cyborg Bezos of the future. If we fail, we may need to pull funds in order to convert Jag into one, then the battle of Armageddon can begin, so there is a backup plan, just in case.

I am @Zontar on Slack and I am heartily at your service.


Hello i am M.Ali …



I’m bstr156, and I love informing others about all the nuances of the cat’s meow which is Syscoin, and helping this strong and growing Community however I can.

I have enough of a background in development to hopefully be of use here at Syscoin Academy.


Hello I am Stukov, the crypto lawyer and Syscoin advocate :wink:


Hi all. I am Keyare. Syscoin Team forever. BCF CoFounder.


Hi, I’m Victor, a Sys enthusiast from Latin America.


Hello i’m Johan and a syscoin believer from Belgium :muscle::muscle:


Hello from a cold and rainy Germany


Hi I’m jg, although I’ve had to add an extra ‘g’ to my name to fit the name length requirements, and so have decided that it stands for… Geloscopy! The other two letters… I don’t know. Sometimes I like to pretend I can code.


Hey, I am Moo_Baa, and I have been (trying to be) supportive of the Syscoin community for 2 years now with various marketing activities, like building and recently starting (for promoting end-user adoption) and through various mini-proposals (sysbonanza, etc)…


Hi I’m arcticlava the crypto-doc. Medical information is organized behind health portals. It has to be shared between healthcare providers and numerous caregivers instantly, but at the same time remain private and protected from prying eyes. After $100 billion total expenditure in the U.S. alone over the last decade, no results! This is the perfect crypto application. For the love of god I don’t know how we have gone almost 10 years since blockchains have been unleashed without a functional healthcare portal blockchain dapp. I will not rest until I, and this community, makes it happen.


Hi, I am Q and a sys believer from korea ^^



My name is Egbert and go by the handle of Locutus.

I am an IT Consultant for my profession with passion for almost everything that has a wire or battery (or both :smile: ). Helping and educating people is important to me. Give me a problem and I will try to solve it, that is where my passion is.
In june 2017 I became a Syscoin supporter and not many months later a firm believer of the tech and people surrounding it. Since I am familiair in the tech world, I started helping people out with setting up and testing masternodes. Have written some script to make things easier as well as more user error proof.

Love cats, but I don’t exclude Pangolins or other creatures. Obviously a Star Trek fan, started from TNG until recent series.

Do good, love yourself and others for all the magic we are. Peace.


Syscoin Academy

Hi i am Nairi and also known as dangerm in slack. Sys hodler :grimacing:


Great to have you all here! Make sure to invite your friends and family to here as well, so we can start building on the future of Syscoin.


Teredell here.

Mostly to lurk and see what I can learn & then build on from there.



My name is Edgar.

I have been a Syscoin holder for ages, realizing its potential along with the greater good blockchains can bring.

In life, I am a Scientist (group leader) leading my own research team for nearly 10 years (Molecular Biology and Genomics). Having been immersed in both Blockchain and science, i have come to realize that blockchain technology can and should revolutionize science and scientific practices.

My vision therefore is to build a science ecosystem where review, funding, publication, IP, education and translation of scientific data, takes place on the blockchain. I am convinced that such an environment will help fight bias, corruption, feudalism and misconduct in an increasingly unhinged profession.

Disclaimer: As part of my bid to make a difference, i have and continue to volunteer my time to the Mooncoin project. This should and will not affect any of my activities on this platform.