[README] The Tavern Rules



it’s nice to see you again in my tavern. Let me show you the rules so you can avoid to violate them.
Respecting those rules is vital for a productive series of discussions between members.


  1. In my tavern you must respect the netiquette
  2. You must not offend other members
  3. You must not troll, there are boards and discord channels for that
  4. If you don’t understand, keep the conversation productive by asking for better info, in a polite way
  5. Never contact mods in private, just write a post and they will come to help you.
  6. Never disclose sensitive information to other members: this is a tavern, people tend to talk a lot about gossips
  7. Learn and contribute: if you have a github repository you want to share, first ask mods in DM (this is the unique exception to rule #4)
  8. DON’T POST CHALLENGES outside this group, unless they already have a solution. This counts as cheating.
  9. Have fun

Thank you for your time, I wish you a pleasant accomodation

The Bot Guy