RFI: Visual Syscoin Block Explorer



I love to browse blockchains, see what is going on and try to draw conclusions from it. Doing that with traditional Blockexplorers is kind off meh, so I am looking to build a visual Syscoin Block Explorer like the one on Blockseer.com (which was acquired by DMG Blockchain Solutions in march '18). Possibly to also be usable for other blockchains in the future, so with “portability” and/or “compatibility” in mind.
Any ideas what would be a good approach for building such a tool?


I think it would be great to provide a robust explorer (especially for assets), and associated analytics. Data collection (warehouse?) might be ideal as we are not only dealing with historical static data onchain, but some entities for which temporal data is not recorded onchain (masternodes, proposals).

I’ve been sporadically taking a rough assessment of the process(es) involved in decoding and collecting data for global analytics (entire chain in-scope). From a relational perspective (it’s easy for me to communicate in those terms), some entities are very straightforward - e.g. aliasinfo provides the alias entity and its attributes. On the other hand, facts (e.g. associated transactions) require a more elaborate process. For example, collecting Asset transactions in particular seems to require traversing blocks, drilling-through each block into the corresponding raw transactions and decoding them. That’s fine, but I seem to have hit a blocker at decoding asset tx “details” (the real prize in the case of asset TXs). While those are readily available for transactions associated with my own wallet (gettransaction), not so much for others. Are those “details” rendered by decoding scriptPubKey : asm ? Is there an easy means of exposing those details via a newer API I’m not aware of, or is a Syscoin scriptPubKey decoding+parsing spec available somewhere (at the very least, from which source code file can it be divulged)?