SCMT & Syscoin



Who are we?
The Syscoin Community Marketing Team (SCMT) is a group of dedicated Syscoin enthusiasts who have taken the intitiative to implement marketing ideas of the wider community, while continuing to support the official Syscoin team marketing and strengthen the Syscoin community as a whole.

The SCMT provide this website for Syscoin enthusiasts to keep up-to-date with their favorite project, organize or search for nearby meetups, publish their Syscoin related content, and inform Syscoin newcomers about everyting Syscoin and its community have to offer. The SCMT is an independent body.

Team Members
MCA: Treasurer

MCA has been banging the drum for Syscoin since 2014. With a background in corporate technology and entertainment industries, he’s been active in a range of voluntary roles for Syscoin over the years, such as client testing and tutorial video production. He can be found keeping the peace and helping newcomers as a mod in the Syscoin Slack channel.

Michiel: Project Manager

Michiel has been interested in the blockchain space since 2013. Syscoin was one of his first investments and he has been enthusiastic about the project ever since. In 2014 he started a company that grew to success via on/offline marketing. If you have questions or marketing proposals, please reach out to him on Slack @Michiel.

Ryan: Online Marketing Manager

Ryan has worked in the Ad tech industry for many years, and has helped large and medium sized brands (including blockchain companies) to grow their online presence using online display campaigns. Now it is time to let the world know what Syscoin is capable of, and together with SCMT he will put these best practices to work for the benefit of the project.

Redrace: Communications Manager

Redrace’s interest for welfare enhancing technologies and disgust towards the way the economy is incentivised made him vote with his funds for a more sustainable, transparent and fair alternative. Having run his own non-profit he is ready to decentralise Syscoin’s marketing and make it rumble within SCMT…

Past accomplishments

  • re-design with Brightscout
  • Montly mini-proposal
  • Weekly Syscoin updates
  • Hosted numerous of ama’s for Syscoin
  • A ton of third-party written articles
  • Produced explainer video
  • Crisis management during fake news hack
  • Weekly calls with new possible Syscoin partners & collaborators such as Hardware wallets, universities, investors, exchanges, journalists and other platforms
  • website
  • Have a major role in setting up the Syscoin Foundation
  • Contacting exchanges and providing paperwork
  • Hosted several meetups

Contact details
Promoting, generating and publishing content around Syscoin:

Connecting syscoin with notable industry experts or companies in the blockchain space:


SCMT is happy to announce the rebranding of and logo has been completed: