Syscoin Asset Explorer



Making this a topic of its own because it’s been a point of interest lately.

Retrieval of global asset transaction details is much easier than I initially thought. After spending time trying to figure parsing the decoded OP_RETURN string, I decided to venture a different route. I knew asset tx details associated with my own wallet could be readily output as JSON, so getting the same globally might not be out of reach. It was right under our noses all along.

Lo and behold, listAssetAllocationTransactions. I believe the data it provides can serve as the basis for a Syscoin Asset Explorer.

This command requires a local asset allocation index. Open your syscoin.conf and add assetallocationindex=1
Then re-index.

example execution: listassetallocationtransactions 100

Now you can see all asset transactions chain-wide as JSON.


FYI, Jag says it’s a bug if you do this and can see asset allocation details that aren’t associated with the local wallet. Probably not a good idea to build an Asset Explorer based on a “feature” the Core Dev says is a bug…


Okay! Last night I figured out how to decode raw tx of asset transactions, and I’m laughing at myself for overlooking it. The solution has been readily available.

Just like syscoinSendRawTransaction must be used when submitting a Syscoin smart contract tx (e.g. asset sending, alias renewal, etc), syscoinDecodeRawTransaction is required to decode the same. I had been using standard decodeRawTransaction and wondered why it wasn’t decoding allocation details from scriptPubKey. Derp! It’s simple as syscoinDecodeRawTransaction {rawtx}

Asset explorer doesn’t feel so far away now.


If you think the documentation could be more clear on this, you could submit it here:

Good to hear you, the first among many, has figured this out!