SYSIO: Dedicated API Endpoints & Dapp Server



A place to represent, discuss and be updated on SYSIO development.

Main contributor(s): Zontar (Slack)
Base Endpoint:


To break the ice of this thread, I’d like to use the opportunity to give an update, to help keep you in the loop.

I’ve been quietly grinding away on the latest update. It’s very tempting to release more updates, more frequently, but honestly it’s far better just to keep going while in the zone. The next update is going to be a pretty big one. Most of the latest work has been mundane, yet important. Most of this has been related to multi-threading, which significantly improves performance at the cost of complexity. Despite the additional complexity, it’s entirely worth it (if done properly, which it is). The difference from how it performs in the first prototype to now is enormous, so happy to report that’s on course.

Right now it’s a case of time, I know exactly what needs to be done, how to do it, and I am working through it consistently. In my proposal I aimed at a certain standard before the end of 2018 (circa 2 months) and I consider it bang on (perhaps even ahead of) schedule.

As a total teaser, I’ve decided to copy/paste a section from the next update info. It’s not ready for launch yet, but should give you a little idea into some of what’s brewing.

  • general optimisations/improvements determined from the previous update
  • improved error/exception detection and graceful handling thereof
  • significant streamlining of aggregation performance (in both efficiency and speed)


  • (development) first prototype version of SysioDB in progress, a lightweight database microservice for managing data storage/access with internal encryption.

  • (server) added call time logging, for server stats and identifying points that require additional streamlining vs those that don’t (measures how long calls take to complete)

  • (server) added more formal HTTP response status code control, details will be provided on what code means what for interpretation by apps/callers. This will make it easier to check if the call succeeded, or if it didn’t, why. Conformance with RFC-7231.

  • (dapp support) added universal searching with multiple filtering options for the de-centralised marketplace.

  • (dapp support) added ability to request a list of products based on category

  • (dapp support) added ability to get list of products in order of age (new to old, old to new)

  • (dapp support) added ability to get list of products added in a particular block

  • (dapp support) added ability to get a snapshot of the prices on all the major exchanges in a single call (information only, not for use in trading decisions)

  • (endpoint) added over 150+ additional endpoint sources, mostly exposing individual fields as their raw value

  • (endpoint) added option to include ‘rank’ field within masternodelist json results (ordinarily a separate call), invoked by adding &includerank=1.

  • (server/endpoint) added server statistics call, providing insight about the endpoint server performance

  • (development) added initial framework for coming web-app front ends for visually (UI) interacting with data

  • (development) added initial framework for implementing comprehensive trending information on virtually all logical data metrics

  • (development) added initial framework for advanced notification system (server-to-clients and server-to-server)

  • (development) added initial framework for Razorwire (a Syscoin identity anchored military grade communications suite)

  • (dapp support) added first test widgets (HTML)

  • (security) added preparations for internal encryption, first step of many to write out the endpoint operators from the data contents. This will ultimately be used to protect the data from modification/change, as part of efforts towards future trustless operation.

  • (security) preparing to differentiate between public calls and api key limited calls (namely a protection layer for the heavier calls to prevent abuse/attacks)

I promise to maintain this thread with the latest updates/juicy gossip. It’s all good, thanks to everyone who had a vote and backed my proposal. It is my full intention to turn that $1000 funding proposal into the greatest return of value ever likely to be seen.


For context I would like to add your Governance proposal. Keep up the good work! You are the builder every decentralised project hopes to have one day. :crossed_fingers:


SYSIO V1.0 (released)
Press release:


A quick update tonight on a new microservice added, an API support bridge for CryptoID information.

Lots more coming soon!


Sneaky Sysio update - 20 December 18
Added a new microservice, a bridge to Bittrex public API, used as an aggregate source by SYSIO, but I exposed the mechanism on general principle so it’s available to callers as well. The main parts being:
The current SYS price on Bittrex (in sats), for info only, always get latest price directly from Bittrex for trading decisions.
Provides a summary of SYS on Bittrex over the past 24 hours.
JSON, buy/sell orders currently on the SYS book.
List of recently executed SYS trades on Bittrex.