Tiribi Community contest is over, winners are known!



Yesss awesome !!!


Yes! Thank you for sharing here !!

oynakbeyin, raceredfree and bitrichrick won the following items respectively. They will be sent out after Christmas with some Syscoin pin&stickers !

For other winners (Syscoin Comm. T-shirts) ; we are waiting them to get on Blockmarket Desktop and do a transaction of 0.11 Syscoin

We truly want more interaction with our Lottery from Syscoin family !



WOW, truly amazing!

Good to have the Tiribi tribe in here.


Can you maybe explain how we get those TShirts from the 1st contest ? I saw I have an offer through blockchainswaps but I cannot use my alias there, so I guess I need to do something through blockmarket desktop
Now there I need guidance if possible please.


Hi stukov, congratz on winning!! We have couple more things to give-away so please stay tuned ! Offers that are on blockchainswaps.org get their info from Blockmarket Desktop actually. So unfortunately there’s not any buy/sell options on blockchainswaps.org but you can get on to Blockmarket Desktop to do a transaction, but if anyhow you can’t; you can still DM me your address ! (-but there will be very soon, I guess?-)

For detailed information here on Blockmarket Tutorial series, the transaction part starts from 10th video :


Is there a place to learn more about tiribi tribe itself? I’m interested to learn more about the tribe and its history!