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When I look for a developer to build a web application on top of syscoin, what is considered the essential skill set, please - i am still dreaming about a silly idea i may want to pursue that i have presented to several guys, like @redrace

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Just off the top of my head I’d say:

  • NodeJS (so, proficient with JavaScript)
  • Angular or React or something similar
  • Maybe knowledge of Express.js
  • Depending on the dapp maybe some knowledge of a database like MongoDB etc

And, of course, at least a basic understanding of blockchains.

Perhaps others can think of something I’ve missed…


Thanks! Still thinking about a media platform for independent writers,etc…transferring rights, giving licenses to view media would be a nice use case for Syscoin platform…will quiz my coder guy about his skill level given the above information…


Honestly it depends, it might be better to let prospective developers suggest to you how they would do it.

For example if it was me, I wouldn’t use any of those listed. I’d probably run a pure HTML5/CSS3/Javascript based browser app front end with a server app driving it, a modern single page application approach (TradingViews chart app is an example of such a thing). That’s how I’m handling the front end for the endpoints/dapp services and other things coming in due course that require a web interface.

Thus don’t set your requirements down too strictly with tools/skills they should have in that regard, especially if you’re unsure yourself of whats required. Those listed are just some popular options for such a thing, but there are a lot more options out there and you risk excluding some potentially brilliant solutions from another angle etc.



In light of @zontar’s better thought-out answer I retract mine. :stuck_out_tongue: