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Our core developer Jagdeep Sidhu announced in early September 2018 that Syscoin network is going to be tested by a third party auditor regarding scalability and speed. The chosen auditor was Whiteblock - “The scalable blockchain testing platform”.

Regarding to this matter there are some questions to be answered:

  1. What is the testing method of your tests. Does Whiteblock has its own testnet platform. If yes, how big it is and how relevant the tests are.

  2. Given the fact we are in the very early stages of blockchain technology, non regulated yet space, does Whiteblock hold a licence from some authority in order to issue these kind of tests. If yes, what is that authority and from which country, could it apply earth wide ? If not, what would be the legitimacy of Whiteblock’s tests and results.

  3. Did Whiteblock perform these kind of tests on BTC or ETH networks as well ? Could Whiteblock make a comparison between different blockchain platforms ?

  4. Does Whiteblock intend to become a world wide auditor for blockchain space ?

The above questions are concerns every normal blockchain investor could rise. Please be kind and answer when possible.

Thank You !


Hello, I’m Zak Cole, CTO of Whiteblock. Thanks for your questions! As far as the methodology is concerned, we use our testing framework to recreate the same network conditions one would find in the real world in order to observe performance at scale in the same manner one would expect to see a live production environment. For the Syscoin tests, we were mostly performing unit tests to observe the abilities of the ZDAG mechanism to deliver higher degrees of throughput. If you’re interested in learning more about our testing process, I would recommend checking out some of our previous research papers on our website.

There is no certifying authority as none exists, however, we make all of our results and data open source for peer review, so you could say that the community itself is our certifying authority.

Yes, we have performed these same tests on multiple systems, including BTC and ETH.

I don’t think we intend on becoming a service company, but a product company, as we’re releasing our tooling to the public for commercial use, however, I think it’s real important that someone work on standardizing a lot of these processes, which is why we’re working with the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance to do so.

Thanks! Let me know if you have any more questions.


@zscole please be so kind and guide me to the page where we can see tests on BTC and ETH if they are available for 3rd parties. I would really like to see them if possible. Thank you ! :slight_smile:


Sure thing. Here’s a link to our library. Today, we released our latest research conducted on the EOS system. It’s pretty thorough, so you might want to check that out. Also, our Medium has quite a bit of test data on it as well.


Awesome, thanks for posting those links! So cool to see an external party hiring Whiteblock to check up on ‘‘competitors’’ claims. Very interesting dynamics. I’m sure you’ll have projects lining up to get checked by you or other third party testing companies (not that I know of any). False claims will not be accepted anymore, thanks for pushing this next step in the crypto space!


Very nice podcast where this report is being discussed with Zak, Nate and Daniel.


Thanks for sharing, that podcast is a gem in it’s totality!


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